Rhino Sanctuary


Over 1,200 adult rhinos were poached in South Africa last year; many of them left their young as orphans to fend for themselves.
Orphaned rhinos cannot make it by themselves in the wild, they need our help. The only orphanage in Limpopo is over two hours away and has reached its capacity. The Rotary E-Club of Southern Africa D9400, in partnership with the Shared Universe Foundation, is planning to create a new rhino orphanage.

There is a great need in the northern Limpopo area for a dedicated team of people and a facility to transport, take care of and rehabilitate these orphaned rhinos, to give them the best chance to survive and thrive.

The Orphanage


In conjunction with the Shared Universe Foundation we intend to raise funds to support and develop a dedicated rhino orphanage in the most northern part of the Limpopo Province. We envision a world-class facility for the rehabilitation of baby rhinos; once they are strong enough, we will release them into a safe protected environment.

Our aim is to raise ZAR 3.5 million for the development of the orphanage. The facilities will include:

  • bomas with temperature regulated stables
  • camps of various sizes
  • temperature controlled food and a milk storage room
  • necessary equipment
  • an ICU room
  • a specially designed vehicle and trailer (once a baby rhino has been found, it must be transported quickly and safely to the care facility for treatment and recovery to begin)